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Traveling solo around the world can bring many surprises. Yes, there are the lonely times. And yes, you will meet tons of interesting people from all parts of the globe. You will most definitely make new friends that you never would have if you were traveling with a partner or in a group. This topic…(Read More)

Pulau Penang, Malaysia –  My last stop in Malaysia before heading north to Thailand was Penang. Pulau means island, which Penang most definitely is, but unlike many islands in the world, Penang is known for its city life more that sand, surf, and sun. Georgetown is like the downtown of Penang where most of the…(Read More)

  Nothing special to talk about here other than remind you to sign up for my travel seminar and that the gallery of pictures below is how I feel after reading too many facebook posts about American politics. I’ll be posting about my last stop in Malaysia, which…(Read More)

Tanah Rata, Malaysia – First off I want to apologize for the number of pictures on this post. I took well over 200 pictures in just a few days. I tried to filter out as many as I could and here is what is left in the gallery you see below. If you ever find…(Read More)

Pulau Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia – After a terrible experience with my open water scuba certification in Honduras a few years back,  I swore I would never dive again. I won’t get into the details but two bad surfing experiences (almost drowning in both) already had me nervous.  Jumping into the ocean 50 pounds of metal…(Read More)

Redang Island

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Pulau Redang, Malaysia – Traveling to Redang was definitely not in any of my original plans. In fact, I could not even find it in my Lonely Planet guide. The famous Perhentian Islands are not far away and when looking up places to stay on, Redang popped up. It was close by so I…(Read More)

Batu Caves, Malaysia – A crisp, rainy summer evening at the fall of dusk was the perfect time to visit the Batu Caves of Malaysia. It was also the middle of Ramadan so the place was very active as well. The featured picture I chose was one of my favorite pictures I have taken so far…(Read More)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, also affectionately known as “KL”  is the national capital and most populated city in Malaysia. They also have 30 minute walk in foot massages for about $7.50 U.S. dollars. Win! Being my first time in Asia and only having Singapore to compare it to I was pretty excited…(Read More)

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