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Georgetown…Not in Washington, D.C.

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Pulau Penang, Malaysia – 

My last stop in Malaysia before heading north to Thailand was Penang. Pulau means island, which Penang most definitely is, but unlike many islands in the world, Penang is known for its city life more that sand, surf, and sun. Georgetown is like the downtown of Penang where most of the action takes place. It is well known today for its street art, some of it shown in the gallery below, although its only been around since 2012. Other interesting spots of course are the temples and some unique museums such as the Camera Museum (Do you know why people didn’t smile in really old photos?)  and the Upside Down Museum. Penang is also known as the hawker capital of Malaysia. What is a hawker? Basically a large space with a number of different food venders crammed together usually with outdoor seating for everyone in the middle. Fast, tasty, local food and usually for very good price. My favorite in Penang was Red Garden Food Paradise. There was even a guy there who tried to sell me “Cajun” chicken. I declined. Another major attraction, although I found it quite touristy, was The Hill. A very steep cable car ride to the top provides excellent views of the city as well as a mosque and a Hindu temple.  Next stop? Thailand…quite possibly my new favorite country in world next to Mexico.


13 Responses to "Georgetown…Not in Washington, D.C."
  1. I love how you captured the natural beauty of Georgetown / Penang Pulau. I always make sure I visit museums, churches, temples and historical sites when I travel to a new place. There is so much to learn about a place’s culture just by visiting those 4 places. Thanks for sharing your photos of Penang. I was looking at the bowl of noodles. That sure looks like one mean, spicy bowl of delicious noodles!

    • Hi there! Yes you’re right, you got to explore cultural differences, in communicating and interacting with other cultures, you’ll find just how they vary from your own. Appreciate your comment! Please subscribe to the blog and to our Youtube Channel Thank you!

    • Hi there Lily! I do recommend it, the atmosphere is so calm and relaxing. And please if you have time, kindly subscribe to the blog and on our Youtube Channel Hope you’re having a great day!

  2. I got to know about this early this year when i got to visit malaysia for the very first time.I went to Langkawi bt could not not it to geogetown.my god it looks so beautiful

    • Yes, you should visit Georgetown! By the way please subscribe to the blog and check out our YouTube channel Thank you so much!

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