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Monkeying Around at the Batu Caves

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Batu Caves, Malaysia –

A crisp, rainy summer evening at the fall of dusk was the perfect time to visit the Batu Caves of Malaysia. It was also the middle of Ramadan so the place was very active as well. The featured picture I chose was one of my favorite pictures I have taken so far while here in Asia, mainly because of the rainbow I was able to capture. A quick 20 minute Uber ride outside of KL will have you at one of Malaysia’s most popular tourist destinations. This is another place where you could take pictures for days. I have included some of my favorites. Also there will soon be some really cool videos of the monkeys running around the caves on my you tube channel. I am in the process of posting one video every day to my Facebook page in order to promote the channel. I need 100 subscribers in order to get my own personal URL.

In other news, I have finally nailed down a time, date, and location for my first ever travel hacking seminar. There will only be 50 seats available and at $25 I am almost certain it will sell out. As promised, those reading this will have the first crack at signing up. This is your reward for being on my e-mail list for www.cajuntraveler.net. You should be getting e-mails every time a make a new post to this blog.  Here is the link!


I’m currently in Bangkok so I have no excuse for catching up on my blog posts. I will try to post again tomorrow and will include more information about what will be included in this seminar. It is definitely a work in progress but I am confident everyone in attendance who is interested in travel will benefit. Some of you will save thousands with the tips I will be sharing. Please feel free to make comments or ask questions here either about my blog or the seminar!

And now, here are my favorite pics from Batu Caves!

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