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The Cameron Highlands

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Tanah Rata, Malaysia –

First off I want to apologize for the number of pictures on this post. I took well over 200 pictures in just a few days. I tried to filter out as many as I could and here is what is left in the gallery you see below. If you ever find yourself near the northwest part of Malaysia, Cameron Highlands is well worth the stop. Tea farms, strawberry farms, bee farms, cactus farms, turtles, snakes, and raccoons…Cameron Highlands has it! If you are into partying at the clubs or eating in fancy restaurants this is not your place. But if you like the outdoors and seeing and learning up close how some our most popular foods are produced…this is your bag. There is also a crazy historical museum and a nice temple as well. Cameron Highlands is also famous for being the place where Jim Thompson disappeared. I just took a tour of the Jim Thompson House in Bangkok a few days ago and I’ll be posting more about that in a later blog. One of the best parts about visiting this place in the summer is that you are able to get away from the sweltering heat as it is about 15 degrees cooler that most of the rest of Malaysia. Most of the hotels don’t have air con and don’t need it. A nice strong fan like the one I had in my room at the very popular Father’s Guest House will do just fine.

I want to take this opportunity to mention a few other things. Some readers have mentioned that they are a little confused about where I am and how this blog works. I am currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I and updating my 10 week trip in southeast Asia as I go. I visited Cameron Highlands almost a month a go so yes….I am way behind but plan on catching up. I dont know if this is how I will continue to run my blog but it will do for now.

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Also PLEASE share comments, questions and concerns. You can comment publicly on this site or send me a private e-mail at toby@cajuntraveler.net.

Let me know what you like and don’t like about my blog, how you think I can improve it, what you want to see and read more OR less of, etc etc. I welcome any and all suggestions. Stay tuned for my next blog about my last stop in Malaysia before heading to Thailand which was the amazing city Penang.


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